Why do I have to log into YouTube to watch a video?


Episode 1596

Mike from Santa Anna, CA

Mike watches YouTube off his laptop and he keeps getting popups requiring him to log into his Google account to watch videos. What gives? Leo says that Google is starting to get restrictive on some content, and it may be that you have to log into YouTube in order to view sensitive or explicit videos. That doesn't mean anything other than topics that aren't advertiser-friendly. Leo also says it enables Google to collect data on you, so they can monetize it. Get ready, that's the future.

How can I bypass a login screen on a used computer?

Episode 946

Delores from Philadelphia, PA

Delores got a used computer and she needs to access the user name and password. Sometimes, an administrator account with no password is left on the PC. So when she boots it up, press the F8 function key and enter the login name - administrator - and hit return. It doesn't work on all computers or operating systems. After XP is when it stopped, but it's worth a try.