The Giz Wiz and the Hiplock


Episode 1693

Hiplok Z Lok are reusable security ties designed to provide fast, conveniently added protection for shortstops. They can be used as basic security for bikes, luggage at the airport, etc. Z LOK is available in both a keyed and combination lock version in a variety of colors. It has a lock and holds ratchet design, sort of like a tie wrap, but with a big difference. This one has a reinforced steel core. The company says they’re for basic security in low-risk areas, like when you run into a shop for coffee or a newspaper.

How can I prevent a new MacBook Pro from being stolen?

MacBook Pro cable lock

Episode 1424

Alvis from Los Angeles, CA

Alvis has a MacBook Pro with a Kensington Lock. But on the new MacBook Pro, there's no way to use the lock to keep a new MacBook secure. Rich says that he can stick a third party hoop onto the laptop. There's also a USB lock that could work. But then again, the USB-C port means he can't do that either.

The chatroom suggests MacLocks.com for ways to lock up his system, and most are third party solutions.