Facebook's Mobile App Now Shares Your Location with Friends

Episode 1075

Facebook recently introduced a location sharing feature in its mobile app where it tells your friends where you are at all times, and allows you to see your friend's location. It also will notify you if you're near one of your Facebook friends.

Facebook ‘Nearby Friends’ Will Track Your Location History To Target You With Ads (TechCrunch)…

Is there an Android alternative to Find My iPhone?


Episode 990

Dave from Redondo Beach, CA

Dave wants to find an Android alternative for the "Find My iPhone" app. Leo says that LookOut is a good option. It scans all downloads to make sure they aren't problematic, but it'll also tell him where his phone is. He can even remote wipe the phone if he needs to.

Lookout also has a feature called "Signal Flare," which saves the last known location to LookOut's cloud servers should the battery die or signal stop.

If he has a Galaxy SIII or above, his OS has this capability natively.

Chris Marquardt and the Location Myth

Episode 936

Chris says there's a myth out there that you have be at a great location to get a great picture. Nonsense. Location doens't guarantee great pictures, just different ones. Leo says it doesn't really guarantee to have a great image with a great camera. You can have lousy eye and get lousy pictures just as much with a 5D Mk. II than you can with an iPhone. And you can get a great shot with an iPhone as well. Chris agrees. The key is practicing. Getting really good with your camera and seeing a picture before you take it.

Is there something I can put on my computer so that I can track it and locate it?

Episode 876

Robert from Burbank, CA

There's a free open source program called Prey that Robert can try. This software will run on the laptop and use wifi access spots to "phone home" from time to time. It can lock data and even remote wipe it if necessary. If that doesn't work, then there's always Lojack for Laptops for $40 a year, or Orbicule for Mac.

How can I share my GPS location data while overseas in Belgium?

Episode 874

Bruce from Irvine, CA

If Bruce gets a GSM phone and a local data plan in Belgium, then everything should work just as it would in the States. The Google maps or Open Street Maps that most services like Instamapper use both have excellent maps for Belgium. The biggest concern here is really the cost.

Another possible solution is the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger.