lithium ion batteries

Are Lithium Ion batteries getting better?


Episode 1173

Mike from San Diego, CA

Dave has seen a website that promises upgraded Lithium Ion batteries for better safety and to increase battery life. Leo says that once he sees a study that verifies the claims, he'll buy into it. Leo has seen a lot of promises on the internet over the years and very little in the way of delivery. It's definitely something that users want, but the proof is in the pudding.

Why does my laptop say I need to replace my battery?

Episode 1162

Riley from Boston Spa, NY

Riley has a Windows 7 laptop and he's getting an error message that his battery should be replaced. Since Riley's laptop is about two years old, the time is about right for Riley to replace that Lithium Ion battery since they only have 500 fixed recharge cycles. So yes, Riley probably needs to replace the battery. If he keeps his laptop always plugged in, he'll be limiting the number of recharge cycles. He should only recharge the battery when he needs to for being out and about.

How can I make my batteries last longer?


Episode 1022

John from Encinitas, CA

John wants to know how to properly take care of his batteries. There's a huge variety of advice about Lithium-ion batteries, but Leo says there's just a few things to keep in mind for extending the life of a battery. First, keep it charged. A Lithium-ion battery has about 500 recharge cycles in it. By keeping it charged and plugged in more often, it won't discharge and use up a cycle. He doesn't have to worry about overcharging either, because there's circuitry that prevents it from charging once it's fully charged. Secondly, if he's storing it long-term, he should keep it at 50% capacity.