How can I create a closed site for sharing information?

Episode 1387

George from Bell, CA

George needs to create a central bulletin board that can allow two universities to communicate and share data out of the public eye. Leo says that a website is probably the best way to do it because he can set up authorship and commenting privileges. He could password protect it, too. Websites have superseded BBS because they are a lot easier. Doctor Mom runs a special space for her medical society and they use LinkedIn. They can even make it a closed group.

Federal Judge Gives Approval to Proceed With Class Action Lawsuit Against LinkedIn

Episode 1091

A Federal judge has ruled that customers of LinkedIn can go forward with a class action lawsuit. LinkedIn users who include publishing and movie executives filed a complaint in September that accused LinkedIn of effectively breaking into their gmail accounts to send out repetitive invitations to join LinkedIn to anyone they've ever contacted.

How can I get LinkedIn to stop spamming me?

Episode 1002

Rebecca from South Pasadena, CA

Rebecca says she has friends who have joined LinkedIn and she's annoyed at all the invitations she gets. She also is annoyed that her email address was given to a third party without her consent. Leo says she could filter out the requests through GMail, but what she would really have to do is tell her friends to stop giving out her email address.

They likely won't stop doing that, so here's something she can try: