limited user accounts

How can I keep my son's laptop secure?

Episode 1340

Mary from California

Mary had to get her son a computer for school and she put herself in as the admin. Leo says that's a very good idea. She can use herself as the admin and her kid as a limited user. There's also a new feature in Windows 10 which would allow her to give them a pin code to install things without having her type in the password.

Does she need MacAfee for her Antivirus? Leo says no. She should take it off. Windows 10 has its own antivirus which is quite good if she keeps it updated.

Did I get bit by malware?

Episode 1185

Sam from Hemmit, CA

Sam clicked on a bad link and how he has malware. It has locked his browser. Leo says that uninstalling his browser and reinstalling will be of limited value. He can run Malware Bytes, but he'll need to make sure he uses the official version because there are counterfeits out there. Leo says that it's likely a browser hijacker object is in the mix, which will then popup ads and push him towards certain search results. Malware Bytes will remove it.

How can I get ownership of old Windows files?

Episode 1158

Cal from Erie, PA

Cal followed Steve Gibson and Leo's advice to run as a limited user in Windows. But now he can't get access to documents and settings that are under the administrator account. Leo says that ownership of files is assigned according what user it is. If he's an administrator, he's "god," and can do anything with files. What he can do, then, is create a new admin account and then downgrade his existing account to a limited user. This will give him access to the documents he is missing.

How do I get rid of adware?

Episode 1155

Joan from Anaheim, CA

Joan has an HP computer running Windows 7, but she wound up with something on her system. Leo says that chances are she went on to install software and it's installed adware on her computer. Leo says that Microsoft displays a message if she wants to remove a system file, which may be what she's trying to do to remove that adware. On Microsoft's UAC popup asking to update the system file, Joan should say yes.

Should I run as a limited user on my Surface Pro 2?

Episode 1095

John from Crane Hill, AL

John just got a brand new Surface Pro tablet. He decided on the Surface Pro 2 because the powered keyboard for the new Surface 3 won't be ready for a few months. Leo says that people who have bought the Surface Pro 3 really like it. Leo's not much a fan because he prefers a laptop.

Does he have to set up a separate account as a limited user like on desktops? Leo says yes. It's kind of a pain, but it's the right thing to do. What about encrypting the hard drive? Leo says that the Surface Pro 2 may be encrypted by default.