limited user

Why can't my computer handle having multiple user accounts?

Episode 1078

Michael from Niagara Falls

Michael tried creating a separate, limited user account for running Windows XP, but his computer crashes and freezes whenever he creates another account. He has tried reformatting and reinstalling Windows several times, but still has this issue. Michael is wondering if he could enable the hidden administrator account in Windows, and just toggle that back and forth between admin and limited.

How can I run as a "Standard User" in Windows without losing my current account settings?

Episode 1072

Sam from Sherman Oaks, CA

Sam is worried that his Windows computer is running as an administrator. Leo suggests creating a second administrator account that he won't use. Then downgrade his regular account to standard user. He could make them look completely different to tell them apart. Then if he needs to install something, it will ask him to log in as an administrator. Any software that needs him to run as an admin, he can just right click on it, select the "run as admin" option and type in his password. This will protect him from over 90% of all malware trying to get on his system.

How do I downgrade my account to "limited user" in Windows? (Part 2)

Episode 1068

Michael from Long Beach, CA

Michael wants to know how he can downgrade his account to a "limited user" as opposed to running as administrator in Windows. Leo says he'll have to create an administrator account first, and then in the Windows user account settings he can downgrade any user account. Should he run as "Guest"? Leo says no, "guest" will automatically delete all the data every time the user logs out. He can just downgrade his current account after logging into another administrator account.