lighthouse for the blind

How can the blind use a computer?

Episode 1519

Leonard from Compton, CA

Leonard wants to get a new computer and he's got failing vision and would like to have one that can help him. Leo says Leonard will also need a screen reader to help read the screen. Leo recommends contacting the Lighthouse for the Blind. Or a Local Disability Resource Center. They can help you not only getting a computer and setting it up, but also getting you the tools you need to work with it. Call the Foundation for the Blind at 214-340-6328 and they'll help you find someone in your area that can help you.

What screen reader should I get for my computer?

Episode 1215

Ed from Upland, CA

Ed is suffering from macular degeneration. He's color blind and using a computer is getting harder. Leo says making the characters bigger and bigger on the resolution settings. But Ed says he also has Retinitus Pigmentosa, which is like looking through a milky glass, so making the characters larger doesn't help much. At some point, screen readers like JAWS can help. But they're very costly.