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What's an Affordable Office Suite for My Computer?

Libre Office

Episode 1803

Dana from Mission Viejo, CA

Dana recently bought a new Dell computer, but he needs an office program suite. Leo recommends Libre Office. Leo says it's an excellent, open-source office suite, and it will save in Microsoft Office format files. An excellent option. And it's perfectly safe to download and install. It also has all the capabilities of Microsoft Office as well, and you don't have to renew it. It's free.

There is also a free online version of Microsoft Office: it's a web version. All you need is a Microsoft account. It's at

What Can I Do With a 32GB Laptop?


Episode 1677

Justin from Manitoba, CAN

Justin bought a small HP laptop with 32 GB of storage. But he cannot update Windows on it. Options? Leo says the PC is so desperate to get a low price point, they're making products that are basically useless. Leo says if Justin feels comfortable with Linux, there are flavors that are designed to run in small, constrained and older laptops. Puppy Linux is one. He can also install an open-source Office suite like Libre Office