Which laptop should I buy my kid for college?

Episode 1001

Daryl from Henderson, NV

Daryl's kid is going to college and needs a laptop. Which operating system should he buy? Leo says that previous experience is important. Daryl won't be going Apple. So, that leaves Windows. Leo says that Lenovo's Business line is awesome and he can choose either Windows 7 or Windows 8. If he goes with Windows 8, he should get the touchscreen. Leo likes the Yoga.

What are the best laptops to get for a college student with a budget of $700 to $800?

Episode 876

Jim from Temecula, CA

Look at the Lenovo Thinkpads. They're business focused, robust and well built. Leo thinks Jim will be able to get an excellent laptop for that price. Dell also has some great computers in that price range. He won't be able to get a Mac though, the cheapest Mac is $1,000. Jim was also wondering if the Thinkpads can play movies and music, and they absolutely can.

Should I buy a new laptop or just upgrade Windows?

Episode 876

Mike from New Jersey

Mike has an older laptop running an AMD 2.0 ghz Semperon chip and 4 gigs of RAM, which he downgraded from Vista to Windows XP. He thinks it's time for an upgrade. Leo doesn't think his processor is that bad, and he could easily upgrade that machine to Windows 7. In fact, Windows XP is slower than Windows 7, so he'd probably see performance improvements with that alone. Mike still wants to get a new laptop though, and is wondering whether or not to get one now or wait for the Intel Ivybridge processors.