Why does the HDMI port from my computer stop working after awhile?

Episode 1078

Wendy from Santa Ana, CA

Wendy has a Lenovo G580 computer that's been developing problems now that it's out of warranty. She turns it on and the monitor shows the Windows logo and then it goes blank. Leo says that since she can see the logo, that means there's no issue with connections. But that doesn't mean it's free from hardware issues. It goes off after about an hour and a half, and that leads Leo to think it's a hardware issue that will require a repair. Time to call Lenovo again.

What's a good convertible laptop?

Lenovo Yoga

Episode 1070

Pam from Studio City, CA

Pam bought a netbook instead of a tablet and she just hates it. So she's getting a new computer. Leo says that they're rather junky, very cheap, and woefully underpowered. She's thinking about getting the Lenovo Ideapad.

Leo likes the Yoga. It's well built, can convert into a laptop, and worth every penny considering Pam already experienced what Leo calls "a false economy" with netbooks.

Google Sells Motorola, Gets Out of Mobile Phone Business

Episode 1054

Only a year after buying it, Google has sold Motorola to Lenovo. While Google is keeping all the patents, it is believed they are losing quite a bit by selling it. This move indicates that Google believes it can make more money from Android alone, rather than making phones themselves. This also means they may have made a deal with handset makers like Samsung to provide a pure Google experience for their phones.

Google Sells Motorola to Lenovo


Episode 1053

Leo got a deal of $100 off on an unlocked Moto X. The cool part about it is that it came with a Walnut wooden back. Two days after Leo bought this phone, Google sold Motorola to Lenovo. Google kept most of Motorola's patents, though, which was vital to protect against patent wars.

Google also has convinced Samsung to either stop putting junk on its phones, or make them removable by the user. The agreement included a deal for Google to not sue Samsung for a decade.

What laptop should I get?

Episode 1049

TJ from California

TJ is looking to buy a new laptop and she wants to know the minimum requirements she should be looking for. Can she update her old Windows ME computer? Leo says that TJ could put Linux on it, but that's about as best as she can get with that. Leo says that for what TJ wants, she could look at the Microsoft Surface 2, which comes with Windows RT and a free Microsoft Office suite. Since it comes with a keyboard, it's a nice hybrid. It's a tad small at 10", but it's a great mobile option. TJ wants a 15" screen, though.

What PC laptops do you recommend?

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon

Episode 1032

Carl from Costa Mesa, CA

Carl is sick and tired of his old laptop because it's too slow for video editing, and is thinking about getting an AlienWare laptop.

Leo says that AlienWare is owned by Dell. They run really well, are well made, and use superior components, but they aren't cheap. They tend to be heavy, too. They are aimed primarily at gaming, but will work just fine for video editing.

What's the best small and lightweight PC?

Episode 1003

Arizona Lou from Hutchinson, KS

Lou has a netbook and it's really slow. He likes the size because it's compact and doesn't take up a lot of room, but he's ready for something with more performance and quality. Size is still a factor, though. He does edit video for his website, so it has to handle that, and he's always been a Windows user.

Leo recommends the ultrabooks like the Acer S7. Lou wants a spinning drive for more capacity, but Leo says he can get an external drive to handle all the storage.