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How Can I Get My Money Back for a Lenovo Computer?

Lemon Law

Episode 1845

Ernest from Los Angeles, CA

Ernest bought a Lenovo Legion Gaming Tower recently, and it started emitting a loud humming sound after crashing. There's nothing on the screen. Leo suspects that it may be a faulty power supply.  It should be under warranty for repair, but Ernest says he's had problems getting Best Buy or Lenovo to do anything about it, even though he bought the extended warranty coverage for it. All they will do is access the computer via remote access. He finally managed to get a tech out to repair it, but now it won't even turn on.

What do I do if my laptop is a lemon?

Dell Inspiron 5000

Episode 1211

Dale from Santa Maria, CA

Dale has a six month old Dell that is a lemon. Leo says that there is a computer lemon law in California, and if he's had to have it repaired several times, it's protected by the Magnuson-Moss Warranty and Consumer Protection Act. Leo says to restore the laptop to the original state and tell them he's done that several times. Then demand for it to be replaced. Intermittent problems are frustrating and can effect processor, RAM, power supply, etc. Overheating due to faulty fans can also cause this.