Legal Briefs

Canon Sued Over All-in-One Printers That Don't Scan When Out of Ink


Episode 1837

Canon's Pixma all-in-one printer seems like a good bargain, but when the printer runs out of ink, the scanner stops working. And the only way to fix it is to buy more ink and refill it. Now there's a $5 million class-action lawsuit over it, citing that an all-in-one printer isn't really all in one, if the other functions of the printer (copy and scanner) stop working, although they have nothing to do with empty ink tanks.

ScarJo Settles with Disney Over Black Widow Streaming Profits

Black Widow

Episode 1833

Scarlett Johannson has announced this week that she has settled her lawsuit with Disney over profits on Black Widow. Leo says that the big question is "how much did Disney give her?" Rumors suggest that Disney may have cut a check around $40 million for the Marvel star, which is around what ScarJo would have made if the film had exclusively been released in theaters. And even in limited release, it was one of the most successful films of 2021 so far.

Supreme Court Narrows Use of Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Supreme Court

Episode 1803

Going before the Supreme Court, the decades-long Computer Fraud and Abuse Act has been narrowed in its application on constitutional grounds.  Leo says that the act is only really used to prosecute when no other law applies, and the particular case was regarding a police officer who was prosecuted for improperly accessing a driver's license database.

Class Action Lawsuit Continues Against Apple


Episode 1142

A class action lawsuit against Apple is ongoing over the iPod and an old sync feature. The suit is all about the fact that Apple iTunes would erase an iPod if it wasn't recognized by the computer. The lawsuit represents 8 million users for about $350 million, of which half will go to lawyers, of course. That leaves everyone else with a settlement of about $0.50 a piece.