Is it illegal for me to modify my Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Episode 1199

Joseph from Houston, TX

Joseph got the Amazon Fire TV, and he modified it to put Kodi on it. Now he has access to a lot more content, but he's wondering if he's going to get in trouble for doing that. Leo says it's perfectly fine to modify hardware that he bought and owns, even if the manufacturers don't particularly like it. It may be technically illegal to do so, but Leo is of the opinion that he should be able to do what he wants with the hardware he buys.

Is the Apple storage lawsuit legit?

Episode 1156

John from Carlsbad, CA

John is curious about the lawsuit against Apple regarding the stated storage capacity vs. the actual capacity. Leo says that while it's true that when buying an iPhone (or any smartphone) that half of the storage is used by the software and operating system, that's true of hard drives as well. Most people understand that. It is true that the 8GB iPhone users were left wanting when trying to upgrade to iOS 8, though (you need 5GB for it). But most class action lawsuits are started by law firms that get the lions share of the settlement.

Federal Judge Rules That Amazon Must Unmask Negative Reviewers


Episode 1100

Ubervita, a nutritional supplement firm, said that they want to know who's publishing negative reviews on of their products. The judge said Ubervita can issue subpoenas to Amazon and Craigslist to get user identities. US District Judge Marsha Pechman wrote on Wednesday: "Ubervita may serve subpoenas on Amazon, Inc. (or other appropriate Amazon entity) and Craiglist, Inc.

Is it legal to record your own audio books?

Episode 955

Tim from New Hampshire

Tim would like to record audio books for his niece and nephew to help them learn to read. Leo says it's perfectly legal to do this. Fair use allows him to do that. Research shows that audio books are a great way to get kids to read. So Leo says it's a cool gesture that needs to happen. He also wants to know if there's a place on line to get old time radio scripts. The Chatroom has come up with these options: