Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 926

Today's gadget from the Giz Wiz has to do with lighting. Compact florescent bulbs have bad color, you can't dim them, and they take forever to get fully bright. So Dick has the Switch 60, the first liquid cooled LED light bulb. It's cooled by liquid silicon and it has 10 LEDs. The color is very pleasant warmish white and it's fully dimmable. $40 for 60W and $60 for the 100W version. Will last over 25,000 hours.

Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater Geeks

Episode 908

Yesterday, Scott was at the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association Show (CEDIA) and what was really telling was how few TV and home theater manufacturers were there. Leo says that's due to the bad economy and Scott agrees. While there weren't many TVs there, there were several 4K manufacturers showing their version of what is likely an LD designed LED TV (resolution of 3840x2160). Sony was there, LG, and even JVC. It surprised Scott that all the TVs were edge lit, and for a price of around $20,000, that's really disappointing.

What should I look for when purchasing a TV?


Episode 901

Greg from Whittier, CA

First the size of the TV depends on how far away he's going to be watching from. He'll be 10-12' away from the screen, so a 60-65" TV would be best. Next he needs to consider how much ambient light there is, and if he can darken the room. He has a lot of sun coming in, so Leo recommends an LCD TV. The Plasma TVs aren't as bright and reflect light more.