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The Giz Wiz and the Light Up Fan

Giz Wiz

Episode 1810

Here's an easy way to keep cool and to light up a tent at night this summer. It's the X10 Portable Camping Fan/LED Lantern with 7800mAh rechargeable battery. It has a racketing 180° head rotation that stays in place where you set it. A fold-out hook makes it easy to hang in a tent, on a branch, beam, etc. The entire device is small enough to pack. It has USB-C charging in, plus a 2A quick charging out function. That means the 7800 mAh battery can also be used as emergency power to charge your phone, GPS, iPod, etc.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1483

Dickie D is back. This time with a selfie stick with it's own built in LED light. The Mpow Selfie Stick provides a wide-angle LED light with low, medium and high brightness adjustment modes. In the back there's a convenient mirror so you can see how you look before the camera goes off. Built into the handle is a 1500mAh battery. It's charged via amicro USB charger cable which may not get in the package. But any tech person has a lot of them laying around. The company says the battery provides about 72 hours of LED fill light time, 30 hours of Bluetooth connection time on a single charge.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1307

SUPERNIGHT 16.4ft 5M Waterproof Flexible 300leds Color Changing RGB SMD5050 LED Light Strip Kit with RGB 5M +24Key Remote+12V Power Supply. Here are a few of the other specs: 16 colors, 5 light patterns/16-Speeds Control in Flash / Strobe / Fade-change / RGB Smooth-change. Every 3-LEDS are cuttable without damaging the rest strips. Self-adhesive back. Long lifespan >50,000 hours. Package contents: 16.4” 5050 RGB 300 leds / IR Control Box /24 key remote control and Power Supply. …...And now back to me.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Episode 1261

Dick Debartolo has an update of a gadget done a few years back ... it's called the SmartCharge LED Bulb and will not only charge up a supply of power when the electricity is out, but you can then run on that battery power for around 4 hours should the power stay out. 650 Lumens. Preorder the SmartCharge LED Bulb 2.0 via Indiegogo 4 bulbs for $75. They'll ship in May. Retail is expected to be $25 a bulb, so you actually get four bulbs for the price of three during the preorder. (I don't know when that will end.) You'll see a demo in the video below.

Chris Marquardt

Chris Marquardt

Episode 1174

Chris has been playing with light as of late. One problem he's noticed while teaching photography is that light is a challenge for beginners. LED lights have changed the way we approach light in our photography, though. Leo says that the great thing about LEDs is that they don't burn out and they don't get very hot. Chris says that LEDs are also a lot cheaper now and the performance is increased. They're low power as well. Aputure LEDs are affordable and they can be moved.

Leo Discovers Bug in Philips Hue LED Lightbulbs

Philips Hue

Episode 981

Leo has several Philips Hue RGB WiFi enabled light bulbs, which are cool because they can be set to not only provide accurate lighting conditions, but to mimmick light from any picture as well. The other night, however, Leo discovered a bug - when there's a power outage, it wipes out the programming and turns all the lights on full! He had left the lights on and turned them off with his iPhone app.