Why is my TV reception so bad?

HDHomeRun Prime

Episode 1422

John from Bay City, MI

John has cut the cord and he's having trouble streaming live sports with an over-the-air antenna. He says that the antenna plugged into the TV is ideal, but the HDHomeRun and Tablo have issues. That points to the culprit, then. Leo says LCDs have issues with live movement and a higher refresh rate will smooth that out. John should look for a higher frame rate in his TV's settings.

What's a good 40" LCD TV?

Vizio TV

Episode 1202

Brian from Irvine, CA

Brian and other employees want to chip in and buy a 40" HDTV for their boss. Is Insignia a good option? Leo says that Insignia is Best Buy's house brand. He wouldn't choose that over Vizio. That's where Leo would go. They offer tremendous value for the money.

Should he go larger than 40? Leo says maybe, if he can afford it. Samsung? Leo says yes, Samsung is great, as is LG, Sharp, and Sony. But Vizio is the best bang for Brian's buck.

Why can't I see anything at an angle on my computer monitor?

Episode 1199

George from Houston, TX

George bought a cheap LCD monitor and he has trouble seeing it from an angle. Leo says that's how cheaper monitor brands save money, but using LCD screens that have poor angles of view. He can see, but the angle gets pretty dim. Leo advises avoiding places like Fry's and go with NewEgg.

Should George get rid of it? Leo says not really. But most computers do take multiple monitors, so why not get another? If he can return it, however, maybe that's a better option.

What TV should I buy? (Part 1)


Episode 1065

Carlos from Southern California

Carlos would like to buy a new TV and wants to know whether he should get plasma or LCD? Leo says that plasma has the best quality, but with it's reflective screen, it's best to use in a darkened room. Companies are getting out of plasma, though, because everyone is buying LED TVs. Backlit LCDs have gotten so good that people are choosing them because they look better on the show room floor.

What's a good affordable Plasma or LCD?

Episode 1064

Dave from Fountain Valley, CA

Dave is in the market to upgrade his HDTV and wants an affordable 60" plasma. Leo says that Dave needs to act now because many companies are getting out of the Plasma business. Panasonic makes the best plasmas, but they're not cheap. Samsung and LG also make them, but LCDs are getting better. Dave is also wondering if 3D is really any better. Leo says no. It's an additional feature, nothing more. Some are even dumping it as a feature.

Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater HiFi

Episode 945

Scott answers some questions during this week's segment.

1) Is a large plasma a good idea? Scott says that if you're going over 65", then you're likely going to end up with an LED LCD TV. Scott generally recommends plasma because the picture quality is best, but only in a darkened room. But LCDs have gotten a lot better, even though there are limitations like less superior black levels or off axis distortion. But LCDs are best in bright, ambient rooms because they have more raw light output. What's the viewing angle? Scott says for HD, it's 30 degrees optimal.

Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater HiFi

Episode 926

Mike has a Sony 32" HDTV that's five years old, and needs to upgrade. He's sitting about 14' away, and wants to watch movies and do some gaming. Scott says he needs to have a larger TV at that distance. Leo says he'll want a bigger screen than he thinks for what Scott calls "immersion." As such, at 14' away, the optimum is about 90", which is not in Mike's sub $700 price range. So he should get the biggest he can afford.