Why does TWiT look "cartoony" when I watch it on my HDTV?


Episode 885

Julie from Fresno, CA

This has to do with the response time of LCDs. Since slower response times can result in blurry motion, manufacturers have compensated for this by doubling the refresh rate. Normal TVs are 60 frames per second, but now manufacturers are selling TVs with 120hz or 240hz. This may help with motion blur, but it creates a strange plastic video effect. Some people refer to this as the "soap opera effect". The TV is still only getting 60 frames per second from the source, but the TV is doubling that with no extra information.

What should I look for when purchasing HDTVs?

Episode 877

Marsha from San Jose, CA

Leo goes through all of the things he suggests to look at when getting a new HDTV.

  • When buying more than one, get them all from the same manufacturer.
  • Marsha wants to get 3 for different parts of the house, and Leo recommends to get them from the same company so the picture looks uniform across the different TVs.

  • Get an LED backlit LCD TV.
  • Leo recommends LCD over plasma because they are thinner and use less power. The term "LED" refers to how the LCD screen is backlit, and LED is certainly the type to get.