Should I buy a 4K TV or a 1080p OLED TV?


Episode 1144

Marco from Chatsworth, CA

Marco is thinking of buying either a Samsung 55" 4K LCD or an LG OLED 1080p TV. Which should he buy? Leo says that OLED is amazing and it will actually look better than the LCD 4K by Samsung.

Marco shouldn't worry about future proofing, because the 4K standard hasn't been defined yet and it's very likely a 4K TV bought today won't be as good as it can be down the road. He should wait to buy 4K until after the standards are set. Right now, there's no reason to get it. So he should go with the OLED. That's what Leo did, and he loves his.

What HD TV should I buy?

Episode 1086

Edgar from San Diego, CA

Edgar is also in the market for an HDTV. Leo likes Plasmas because they have the most cinematic look, but most manufacturers are getting out of plasmas because people are buying LCDs. LCD TVs have improved a lot over the past few years. Should he wait for UltraHD? Leo says we're starting to get more UHD content, so it won't be long before Leo will advise making the switch. It does look a lot better. But Leo says he's better off not buying a 4K TV right now. He should just get a very good 1080p with the knowledge he'll be going UHD in about 4-5 years.

Is the 80" Vizio TV a good product?

Vizio TV

Episode 1067

Olivier from Newport Coast, CA

Olivier is about to buy an 80" TV. He's trying to decide between two LED TVs, one is a Vizio. There's quite a price difference. Leo says that Vizio had made it's mark by offering high quality TVs for the money, and Leo says that it's good enough for the money. Leo says there is one flaw with any LED LCD: they're slow. Manufacturers have added frames to make up for this, which is why there are 120hz and 240hz options. The result is a plastic-like picture. So he should make sure to turn "interpolation" off in the settings.

Are my plasma problems normal?

Episode 1045

Ricky from Albequerque, NM

Ricky took Leo's advice and bought a pair of LCD HDTVs. He thought they were too bright, so he returned them and got a Panasonic plasma. He was concerned because he lives at an altitude of 5,000 feet, but Panasonic rates it at 7200 feet, so Leo says that Ricky is OK. LG's plasma's are rated at 9,000 feet. Ricky says he loves the blacks and colors. But his issue is that after 100 hours the network logo in the corner of the screen has some ghosting and remains on the screen. Leo says it'll fade over time.

Should I buy an LCD or Plasma TV?

Episode 996

Pam from Studio City, CA

Pam finally gave in and decided to get a 55" TV, but she doesn't need a "smart" TV, she already has Roku boxes, and more. Leo says that nearly all TVs are "smart" now, much like they all support 3D. She may not need it, but it's just part of the feature set. It's more expensive for us to buy, and the smart features are usually not so great, but that's the current state of the art, even if it does cost us more.

What should I look for in a new HDTV?

Episode 960

Eric from Los Angeles, CA

Eric's TV recently died and he's in the market for a new one. He's got a house that does have bright ambient light and would cause glare. Leo says that LCD is much better for rooms with that kind of lighting.

First of all, he should know that he cannot judge a TV on any showroom floor. They've set these TVs to a mode that is very bright and will appeal to people, but it's not how he'd want to watch it at home.

Scott Wilkinson, Home Theater HiFi

Episode 951

While last week was the Super Bowl, it was also the biggest TV shopping week of the year as people went out to get a big screen TV to watch the big game. People were looking at plasmas and LED LCDs. Leo's also in the market to upgrade his TV. Should he wait for OLED? Scott says that a 55" OLED will premiere in the US market in March for $12,000! The cost should come down, but the yields are notoriously small with high failure rates. That's why OLED TVs are expensive right now. But over time, Leo says it'll get better. The same thing happened with LCDs.