Is my Plasma TV worth fixing?

Episode 1370

Chuck from San Diego, CA

Chuck has a 7 year old Plasma that doesn't power up anymore. Can it be fixed, and is it worth it? Leo says it could be, but since no one makes plasmas anymore, it may be harder to find the parts. If he doesn't know what's wrong, it could be going down a rabbit hole. But that also means his plasma TV could be worth more for parts. And he can replace that TV for a few hundred dollars and it will look pretty good.

Should I use an LCD TV as a computer monitor?

Episode 1303

Gene from California

Gene wants to know if it's a good idea to use an LCD TV as a monitor. Leo says no. The reason is that computer monitors are much higher resolution than TVs, and as such, he'll really see the pixels when sitting up close to it. If he's using a 4K monitor, he can abate that a bit. A better choice would be to just get a larger monitor. He can get them pretty big these days. Scott Wilkinson says that 4K would be a better choice because he would need super clean text to make it easier to read.

What keyboard should I get for my Smart TV?

Episode 1241

Kimberly from Maui, HI

Kim has a smartTV and she wants to add a wireless keyboard. Leo says most smart TVs support Bluetooth keyboards. Kim also has a non-smart TV in her guest room and it has blue lines running through it until it warms up. Leo says thats due to a poor solder on the panel that has to warm up to connect and conduct properly. It's not worth fixing though. So she should just live with it. Will it break soon? Leo says probably not. It's just an annoyance.

Can I return a broken TV bought on a Black Friday deal?

Episode 1241

Mark from Topeka Canyon, CA

Mark bought one of those 55" 1080p Westinghouse LCD TVs for $250 and he's got huge stripes down the center. Leo says it's broken, that's for sure, and Mark should return it. But Mark says that Target is sold out so he can't exchange it. It could also be a TV that was made specifically for Black Friday or a discontinued item and as such, they may not get any more. Leo says he should get his money back. If he's going to pay for an item, even on Black Friday, it should work correctly.

What's wrong with my Vizio TV?

Vizio E Series

Episode 1100

Don from Cranston, RI

Don bought a Vizio E Series TV, but some of the content doesn't look very good, even after calibrating it. Leo says the E Series is Vizio's "economy" model. He's watching TV over FiOS, and everything looks washed out and hazy. Don wonders if it's because this is a 60Hz TV, as opposed to the M Series which is capable of 120Hz. Leo says that won't improve anything. All television is 60Hz, but 120 and 240 hz TVs will interpolate the signal to compensate for it, which can make it look plastic-like.

Should I repair my LCD TV?

Episode 1046

Steve from Hermosa Beach, CA

Steve has a 47" Vizio that he's had for a few years. But after an hour, the color begins to die out until he turns it off for awhile. Should he get it fixed or just buy a new one? Leo says that it sounds like a poor solder connection, but at $400 for a repair, it probably isn't worth it since a new TV would cost $600.

All HDTVs have interpolation to handle with motion, but Steve doesn't like it because it looks plasticy. Leo recommends turning that off.

Leo says that LED is the way to go. Also, Steve should get the backlit LED models, not the edge lit.

Scott Wilkinson

Scott Wilkinson

Episode 1035

This week's home theater segment with Scott Wilkinson also marks the return of Scott's annual holiday concert known as Tuba Christmas! Scott also avoided Black Friday like the plague, even though there were some great deals to be had. Leo says that a lot of people probably scored deals on HDTVs yesterday, but Scott says that the week before the Super Bowl is even bigger. Scott's favorite TV is still plasma, too. It still has the best picture if you have a room that you can darken.