LCD screens

Why is my Chromebook screen flickering?


Episode 1601

Barb from Rancho Mirage, CA

Barb recently bought a Chromebook and wants to know if they have screensavers? Leo says no. Screensavers are an anachronism from the old CRT days when images would burn into the screen. That doesn't happen anymore with LCD screens. The Chromebook just goes into power saving mode and shuts off the screen. That's how it saves the screen. The screen also flickers a little. Leo says that the image may be too bright and that causes it to flicker. That's an easy fix, you just turn down the brightness a bit.

How can I fix my laptop screen?

Episode 1163

Doug from Manhattan, MT

Doug has a laptop and he can't see anything on the screen. Leo says there are a few things that can cause that. First, he should shine a light on it. If he can see the faint ghosting of Windows, then the backlight in the laptop has gone bad. It could also be that the ribbon cable that connects the LCD to the laptop has broken. That's an easy fix. If his laptop has a video out connection, he should try connecting it to an external monitor. If he can see Windows then, he will know it's a bad screen. The motherboard may be bad, too.

How can I get my laptop screen to work?

Acer Chromebook

Episode 1152

Larry from Hisperia, CA

Larry has a 7 year old laptop, and its LCD screen died. Leo says that often with laptops, the backlight goes out. If he uses it outside, he can adjust the angle to see something. If it's all black, then it's likely that the ribbon cable has finally broken from the frequent opening and closing. If he has a monitor with a VGA port and can plug it in, he can still use it as a desktop.

Another problem is the power supply. But after 7 years, they're really not worth repairing, especially since Larry can get a Chromebook for about $200, or maybe even an HP Stream.

Could an automotive repair shop fix scratches in glass screens?

Episode 878

Aaron from High Desert, CA

A lot of computer screens still use plastic, which is something you would not want to sand or try buffing because it's very soft. More and more computers and devices now use have glass protective covers. The LCD screen is beneath the glass on a phone, laptop or iPad. Generally speaking that glass is going to be something called gorilla glass which is made by Corning. This glass is very tough, which makes it harder to scratch but if it does get scratched, it's also harder to fix.