Britain Passed the Most Extreme Surveillance Law Ever in a Democracy

Houses of Parliament

Episode 1341

Britain passed the "Snooper's Charter," which is being claimed the most extreme surveillance law ever passed in a democracy. Current Prime Minister Theresa May introduced it before she was Prime Minister. She's tried two times to pass it, and after four years, it was passed on Wednesday by both houses of Parliament. The law will force internet service providers in Britain to record every internet customer's web history in real time for every place they visit. It discourages encryption. It gives law enforcement and intelligence agencies the power to hack into devices of any citizen.

Supreme Court Rules Smartphones Cannot Be Searched Without Warrant

Police car

Episode 1096

The Supreme Court ruled this week that smartphones cannot be searched by law enforcement without a warrant -- even if you had been arrested for a crime. Law enforcement, until now, has been able to retrieve all data from someone's smartphone as they saw fit. It is now considered improper search and seizure.

Supreme Court rules police cannot search smartphones without warrant (LA Times)…