Are Smartphone controlled door locks secure? (Part 1)

Episode 1020

Scott from Sherman Oaks, CA

Scott has heard about home security apps which allow people to unlock their home via an iPhone, and is wondering how secure they actually are. Leo says that they're likely very similar in technology to garage door openers, so it should be secure because users can set their own password and level of security. Door locks are mere conventions though, and they can be defeated if given enough effort.

Is LastPass secure if I make up all the passwords stored in it?

Episode 975

Ben from Stafford, UK

Ben is using LastPass and he's wondering if it's secure if he makes up all the passwords. Leo suggests having LastPass generate all the passwords so he doesn't have to make up or input them. It has a built in password generator to help. Also, he should install the browser extension and get the app for his smartphone.

Why is Firefox forcing me to upgrade to the latest version?

Episode 886

Chip from Cherry Hill, NJ

This is because security in the browser is paramount. Everyone including Firefox, Google, Microsoft and Apple all realize browsers have to be kept up to date. Microsoft has even created a site begging people still using IE6 to upgrade. Chip says he liked the separate search boxes in the older browsers, but Leo says it's not worth the security risk of staying with an older version. Firefox also had a severe problem with memory leaking causing a crash, so updating will fix that too.