laptop batteries

How can I change the battery in my MacBook Pro?

Apple MacBook Pro

Episode 1552

Cotton from Surprise Valley, CA

Cotton has a 2013 MacBook Pro, and recently had to buy a battery from because it began to swell. He also replaced the SSD. He had to remove the battery with acetone because it was glued in. But after installing it, the laptop was dead. Leo says to head over to and check out their instructions on replacing the battery in his laptop. He may have missed a step. But it's also very possible that Cotton may have shorted out something like a fuse.

Why doesn't my laptop charge?

Asus ROG laptop

Episode 1528

Kyle from San Pedro, CA

Kyle's Asus ROG Laptop isn't charging after a recent Windows 1803 update, and there hasn't been a patch for two years. What can he do? If Asus doesn't offer a fix, he should try the Windows 10 battery diagnostic by pressing the Windows key and typing "battery." Microsoft may troubleshoot and download a patch to fix it. If that doesn't do it, then it just may be that his battery is depleted and just won't take a charge. It would have to be replaced.

Why doesn't my new laptop battery work?

Lithium Ion Battery

Episode 1513

Chris from Burbank, CA

Chris is having issues with his old Dell laptop. The battery has died. Leo says that Lithium ion batteries have a limit of about 500 charges and then they simply die. If he can pop out the battery, he can plug it into his AC adapter and run it. But he can get get a new battery for it as well. Chris did that and it still doesn't work. Leo suspects it's a third party battery that won't work on that Dell. It's likely a knock off.

How can I get my laptop to turn back on?

Sony Vaio laptop

Episode 1370

Anna from California

Anna has an old Sony Vaio laptop that won't turn on anymore. Leo says that the battery may have finally died. Her laptop is pretty old and the battery may not be able to keep a charge. She should try taking the battery out and see if the laptop will turn on with the AC adapter. If it can't, she may need to get a new battery for it. They're about $90. That's a lot to spend on an old machine, though.

Why won't my laptop run off my AC adapter?

Episode 1370

Dana from Georgia

Dana is vision impaired and he's excited that Windows new Holographic edition will have a talking installer. Ctrl + Windows + Enter will enable the narrator.

He also has an Acer computer with 500GB hard drive. After ejecting the hard drive, the computer shut down and wouldn't turn back on. Why didn't it work with the AC adapter? Leo says that if he has a bad battery, most laptops won't work even if it is plugged in. It may be part of a power conditioning system.

What can I do to preserve laptop battery life?

Episode 941

Alex from Fort Meyers, FL

Alex is going to be gone for awhile and wants to know how to put his battery into storage without damaging its capacity. Leo says that the latest thinking is to keep the laptop plugged in the entire time. He can also run the battery down half way and store it. According to the current thinking, having the laptop connected to power while he's gone won't hurt the battery at all and will keep it up to power until he gets back. Here's a good article from Battery University.

My HP laptop won't start, and HP is saying it's because I put in a non-OEM battery. How can I get this fixed?

Episode 904

Tom from Newport Beach, CA

Leo says it's unlikely the battery damaged the laptop, and it sounds like HP is just using that as an excuse to wash their hands of it. Having said that, third party batteries are dangerous because often they don't have the right circuitry and could explode. Leo recommends buying an HP battery and then sending it back for repair under warranty. Then they won't have an excuse to pass the buck.

It is possible that he did somehow damage it though, and HP has this on record so they still may blame it on that battery.