What's a good Linux laptop with a large screen?

Lenovo Yoga 710 15"

Episode 1386

Robert from University City, CA

Robert wants to buy a personal computer that is well built and runs Linux with a 17" screen. Leo says that most laptops top out at 15", but there are a few 17" models still available. Lenovo is one of the few manufacturers that ship laptops with Linux. Lenovo's P51 has a 15.6" screen. Lenovo's X1 Yoga has a great 15" model with an excellent keyboard.

Why is my HP computer running so slow?

Episode 1253

Lois from California

Lois has an HP computer that is running very slowly. She's wondering if there's any program she could get to speed it up. Leo says there are cleaners, but none of them are any good and she should avoid them. The only and best way to fix a slow computer is to start over fresh. Lois should backup her data and then run the recovery disk, wipe the drive, and reinstall Windows. Most computers nowadays don't come with recovery disks, but computers 5 years ago likely did come with them.

What Windows laptop should I get for my husband?

Microsoft Surface 3

Episode 1196

Dina from Manhattan Beach, CA

Dina also wants to get her husband a new laptop, but he doesn't like Apple. What about the Microsoft Surface? Leo says that the Surface 3 is great. She doesn't need the pro version, which is $1300. But the Surface 3 is a small, light tablet that a keyboard can attach to. It also comes with Office. Dina should check out the Microsoft Store for more.

Should I switch from a desktop computer to a laptop?

Episode 1023

Neil from

Neil built a gaming machine and he admittedly overbuilt it. So he's wondering if he should downscale to a laptop. Leo says that the ongoing trend is smaller and portable. And that's why even laptops are starting to plateau in sales as people look to tablets.

But if Neil wants to build a laptop, he can't because that just isn't available. But a good option is the Asus Transformer Laptop/Tablet. It converts to either with a detachable keyboard. And the latest version runs the Haswell chip for longer battery life. But it isn't cheap.