What programming language should my kids learn?


Episode 1141

Doug from Orange County, CA

Doug wants to get a computer for his kids and teach them about technology, computers, and programming. His son is 18 and is thinking about a career in technology. Leo says that everyone has a favorite bias and language, and he guarantees that whatever he teaches him now, it'll be obsolete within a few years. It's better to understand how a computer thinks and keeping up to date on how the computer will change. Understanding and expressing problems in an abstract way that isn't specific to a set programming language is key.

Where can I get a laptop that could be used in Chinese?

Lenovo Yoga HD+

Episode 1140

Randy from Tustin, CA

Randy's wife is Chinese and he'd like to get her a laptop that she could use in both Chinese and English. Leo says that he can get a laptop in Chinese over the internet and then switch it to English when she would need to. Or, he can just buy a Chinese USB keyboard. Leo recommends the Lenovo Yoga, which could double as a laptop and a tablet.

Another, more expensive option would be the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. It's a tablet that also has keyboards she could snap onto it, and Randy could probably get her both a Chinese and English keyboard to go with it.

Why am I having problems with the Japanese language in Windows?

Episode 1069

Robert from California

Robert is a professional Japanese interpreter and his computer is divided between Japanese and English languages. He's learned that he shouldn't use the same version of Word with both languages. He says it corrupts the Japanese language in his laptop. Leo suggests using the language packs from Microsoft Word. Word can manage both. He suggests going back to Windows update to get the Japanese language packs. Then he should go into "regions and settings" and choose the Japanese keyboard settings.