Kit Kat

Can I install Android KitKat on a Nexus 6?

Episode 1185

Vladimir from Carlsbad, CA

Vladimir has a BMW i3 and wonders if he can integrate his smartphone with it. On his previous car, he had to manually enter all his contacts and it was tedious. Leo says that his car copied over his contacts so it was pretty easy. Vladimir got the numbers, but not the addresses, though. Leo says that Audi's do addresses. Vladimir used a phone with KitKat and it worked just fine, so that's a workaround. Leo says that's very odd. But at least he got the data in. But it sounds like maybe a Lollipop security feature prevented it from doing addresses.

Why did Android Kit Kat wipe out my settings?

Episode 1080

Diane from Chicago, IL

Diane's Android phone had the Android Kit Kat update pushed to her and now all her passwords are gone. Leo says that if she has the setting checked that allows Google to restore her settings and passwords (under "Backup and Reset"), then she can reset them. If it isn't, then she's unfortunately out of luck. So moving forward, Leo recommends having that box checked, plus the box for automatic restore.

How can I secure my Android tablet?

Episode 1059

John from Orange County, CA

John is going digital in his company, and he's bought several old Motorola Zoom tablets for his employees. He wants to know what security software he can install. Leo says first thing is to update the Android software to the current OS, Kit Kat. He can also set his password and PIN to only allow 10 tries. He can also install Lookout to remote wipe it should it get lost or stolen.

What happened to tethering in Android?

Episode 1039

Frank from Vancouver, WA

Frank has a Google Nexus 7 and has been using tethering. He updated the OS to KitKat and the tethering option has disappeared. When he takes the SIM card out, it reappears, but when he puts it back, and it disappears again. Leo says that it's likely AT&T doing that. They want to charge him for hotspotting and tethering. If he doesn't pay for it, they're not going to let him do it. It's also happened to T-Mobile users. Some solutions will require him to root his tablet, which is certainly possible.

Why isn't Android named after desserts anymore? (Part 1)

Episode 1028

Juan from New London, CT

Juan is disappointed that Google stopped using dessert designations for its Android operating system. Leo says that it's likely because of a deal between Google and Nestle to name it Kit Kat, even though Google claims no money changed hands. That only means they're handling the transaction in another fashion. Leo doesn't like that because it just commercializes it.