Can I use old RAM in a new laptop?


Episode 1366

Greg from Redlands, CA

Greg is looking to buy a new laptop and wants to know if he can still increase the RAM after he buys it. Can he plug in the RAM he has in his old one to boost the RAM of the new one? Leo says probably not. The form factor needs to be the same, and in most laptops the RAM is soldered in. He may be able to if it's SO DIM compatible, but then there's the speed issue.

Greg should go to Crucial or Kingston and use their RAM Picker to see what he'll need. If it comes up with something similar, then maybe it'll work, but it's not likely.

Dick DeBartolo

Episode 989

Originally debuting at CES in January, the Kingston MobileLite Wireless Device is finally out. It's essentially a PogoPlug for your Mobile Device. MobileLite Wireless works as a portable card reader to give you unlimited access to all of your data, anywhere you are. Use it with your USB Flash drive or SD storage devices to access your videos, music, photos, documents and more. It can work with up to three people and it accesses cards that are plugged into it. You can even use it as a backup battery charger.