Kindle Fire HD

Is there any way to increase the storage in a Kindle Fire HD?

Episode 981

Keith from Los Angeles, CA

Keith has a Kindle Fire HD with 16 gigs of storage, and wants to know if there's any way to increase that amount. Leo says there is not. The memory is soldered onto the circuit board and he wouldn't even be able to open it up to get to it. Leo says he could root it and put stock Android on it so the operating system would take less space, but he probably wouldn't gain back that much space.

Kindle Fire HD: How Does Amazon's New Tablet Stack Up?

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Episode 912

If you're in the market for a 7" tablet, Leo says the Google Nexus 7 is a better option. Apple's iPad Mini is also due next month. The Kindle Fire HD has a better screen, but it's still suffering from the sluggish performance of the original Fire. Leo thinks it's really for someone who lives in the Amazon eco-system. The Nexus 7 performs much better though. It does play audio books from Audible, which Leo likes. It's not really worth a recommendation, though.

Amazon Launches New Kindles

Episode 907

Amazon launched two different Kindle Fire HD tablets, a Paperwhite Kindle eBook reader, and upgraded and lowered the price of the Kindle to $59. The Kindle Fire HD starts at $199 for 16GB 7". They have ultra high resolution screens (the 7" is 1280x800), plus an 8.9" at $299 (with a 1900x1280 display), dual speakers for Dolby stereo, boosted graphics and processors, and dual band WiFi antennas. Leo says that Bezos can make the price so low because Amazon wants to sell content for it through their one click system, which more than makes up for any loss on hardware.