What iPad should I buy?


Episode 1380

Dean from San Diego, CA

Dean gets eBooks from the county library and his city library is changing formats to cloud reader, which isn't compatible with the Barnes and Noble Nook. Leo says that the Nook was a failure and the library is moving towards a platform that is supported through Kindle. iPads are also available because he can use the Kindle app.

What iPad should he get? Leo says that Apple has a new low cost 9.7" iPad that starts at $329. 32 GB. For $100 more he can get 128GB. That's the one to buy.

Why won't my Kindle Fire hold a charge?

Amazon Kindle Fire

Episode 1282

Shelia from Chatsworth, CA

Shelia has a Kindle Fire tablet, but it doesn't hold a charge. Given the age of her tablet, Leo says that the battery is just worn out. Lithium ion batteries have a limited charging life, about 500 cycles. Once she's gone past that, she'll begin to see battery failure. She could try to contact Amazon and see if they can replace the battery. But she shouldn't spend a lot, as a new Kindle Fire is only $60.

Should I buy a Kindle?

Amazon Kindle

Episode 1243

Karen from Huntington Beach, CA

Karen is thinking about getting an eBook reader like a Kindle. Leo says he has a Kindle and it's a great idea. She can annotate books, read what others have annotated, and have an eBook read to her. The eInk display is a lot more like paper than a typical tablet display, which has a brighter, reflective image that can make your eyes tired. The top of the line Kindle is the Paperwhite, which costs $119, but Leo recommends just getting the regular Kindle for $80.

Is the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX a good tablet?

Amazon Fire HDX

Episode 1151

Dora from Winnetka, CA

Dora is looking to buy a tablet and she's looking at the Kindle Fire HDX. Leo says it's a good option, but it depends on what she wants to use it for. For the price, it's a good choice. How can she connect it to the TV? Leo says that some tablets have a miniHDMI port, so she would want to use that. Or she can use a technique called MiraCast, which will connect to the TV via DLNA, where it would broadcast it to the TV wirelessly. She would need a Chromecast, which for $35 is a good choice.

What's a good alternative to the Stanza, the reader app that was pulled?

Episode 1063

Rusty from Chatsworth, CA

Rusty got a new iPad, but his favorite reader, Stanza, has been pulled. Leo says that's too bad because Stanza was a great reader. Rusty is also annoyed because he bought it. Leo says that there's a Wikipedia article that compares all the eBook reader software. Leo does like the Kindle reader. KYBook Reader is good. It supports just about everything.