How can I get a device made?

Episode 1326

Aaron from Melbourne, AUS

Aaron is an IT guy and he has a device he wants to market and manufacture for sale. How would he go about that? Leo says that the first step is Kickstarter. The trick is going to be to make a prototype. Aaron should check out That way he can mock up a PC board in software and then send it to get one made. Once he has a prototype made, then he can go on Kickstarter and raise the money to take it to manufacturing. That's where the real work begins.

'Exploding Kittens' Card Game Breaks Kickstarter Records

Exploding Kittens

Episode 1158

The Exploding Kittens card game was created by Matthew Inman, the mind behind The Oatmeal, Elan Lee of Microsoft's Xbox team, and Shane Small, Xbox and Marvel game designer. The Kickstarter campaign started January 19 with an initial funding goal of $10,000. They reached that goal within 20 minutes, and reached $100,000 within an hour. It attracted 120,000 backers who have now in total contributed more than $5 million. The game has been described as a "kitten powered version of Russian Roulette."

Check out this crazy Kickstarter Campaign!

Episode 1073

Ralph from Clairmont, CA

Ralph creates 3D characters and then carves them out of foam for Disney. He's employing the same technology and starting a new business where he uses a cat scanner and laser 3D scanner, then 3D prints it to create accurate miniature dinosaur skulls that he casts in precious metals. Check out Ralph's Kickstarter campaign. Leo says it's a shameless plug, but he loves it and has to have one.

How could I get the word out about my Kickstarter campaign?

Episode 981

Martin from Los Angeles, CA

Martin has a Kickstarter campaign and wants to know how to get the word out about it. Leo says that getting it mentioned on a national radio show isn't a bad way to start. Having a website and working with social media is also a good way to go.

Since Mark lives in Hawaii, it may be easier to get locals interested. Artists like Amanda Palmer and Zack Braff have built in communities, fans who are willing to step up and help out. So he'll have to lay the groundwork for a community.

How can I run a successful Kickstarter Campaign?

Episode 974

Roberto from Seattle, WA

Roberto wants to raise money for a project and he wants to know how to make a Kickstarter campaign successful. Leo says that Kickstarter needs to accept him and if he already has an established business, they won't allow him in. He also needs to give great thought into reward levels. He'll have to create a video that has a prototype product too, not just a rendering.

Here's Roberto's Throwboy Kickstarter site.

Where can I digitally deliver my comic book?

Episode 920

Timothy from North Carolina

Tim has been successful in creating a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. Kickstarter is great for leveraging the power of the internet to raise money to achieve a dream or start up a company. Tim wanted to create a comic book, and now has to fulfill the orders. He wants to also deliver it digitally. There are a few options to accomplish this for him: