How can I change my iPhone's keyboard to alphabetic type?


Episode 1196

Guy from Ventura, CA

Guy wants to change his keyboard to an ABCDEF type keyboard. Leo says that's not a good idea because QWERTY is the standard everywhere. But Leo can see why it would be beneficial from an accessibility point of view.

There is a site called AppleVis which talks about an ABCDEF keyboard for iOS devices and Apple just opened up iOS8 for third party keyboards. So it's only a matter of time before someone writes one.

Why can't I type with my scrabble game?

Episode 1191

Mel from Pennsylvania

Mel is having trouble with his desktop trying to play a Scrabble game. Leo says that it may be some stray "clicks" from the mouse preventing him from continuing, or the submit button may be stuck. Changing out the mouse could solve the issue, or changing the battery in the wireless mouse. Replacing the keyboard may also be a good idea. Sometimes keys can get stuck.

Is there a feature phone with a keyboard?

Feature phone with keyboard

Episode 1133

Rob from Huntington Beach, CA

Rob would like to find a phone that has a physical keyboard on it. But he doesn't want a smartphone. Leo says there are standard feature phones out there, but Leo says that he doesn't know one that has a physical keyboard.

The Chatroom says that the Blackberry Passport is a good one. And it's likely that Rob will be able to get one rather cheap since Blackberry really isn't all that popular of late.

Are iOS 8 alternative keyboards secure?


Episode 1120

Michael from Shelby Township, MI

Mike says with the explosion of third party keyboards on the iPhone now, is there a security issue with it? Leo says that is a legitimate concern. However, Leo doesn't think it's really an issue. Apple does warn you though, that any keyboard can capture keystrokes and send them to the developer. Apple already does that. He recommends using SwiftKey. It will allow him to swipe letters instead of typing. It's more accurate and faster to type.

How can I fix my laptop keyboard?

Episode 1029

Dennis from Walnut, CA

Dennis has a Toshiba Satellite that died a month after the warranty. But he says it's likely due to a virus because it seems that the keyboard has been compromised and all the keys are scrambled when he types. Leo says that it's probably not a virus, It could be a stuck key or a short circuit. Leo says to make sure the keyboard profile hasn't changed. See if another keyboard profile will work. Using a restore point could undo it. Also check out sticky keys in accessibility options.

Should I replace my laptop with an iPad?

Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard

Episode 1022

Richard from Tuscon, AZ

Richard's wife is considering replacing her laptop with an iPad. Would that be a good idea? Leo says it largely depends. If it's just surfing the web, getting email, and doing casual gaming, it's ideal. For 90% of users, it's the right choice. However, she's not going to write the great American novel on it. Then again, she can use a portable keyboard with it.

What's wrong with my keyboard?

Episode 1010

Nef from San Antonio, TX

Nef's keyboard is suddenly typing strange letter and numbers. Leo says to be sure that the numlock or capslock isn't enabled. Keyboards can also get dirty and that could cause it. Keyboards are dirt cheap, and he can buy one and make sure it's just the keyboard that's wearing out. He can plug it in a different one, and if it works, he'll know his keyboard is going bad.

Why does my keyboard type numbers and letters on its own?

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard

Episode 984

Trish from Chino Hills, CA

Trish's keyboard seems to randomly type letters and numbers when she's not touching it. Leo suspects the keyboard could have shorted out or the USB port it's plugged into is shorting out. She should try a different keyboard. If that doesn't fix it, then that would point to a different problem. Leo also suspects that the computer may still be paired to the wireless keyboard and her daughter is playing with it, causing the issue!