Why Is My Cursor Moving From Right to Left When I Type?

Text Cursor

Episode 1820

Steve from Costa Mesa, CA

Steve got an old hand-me-down laptop, and he can't log into it with the password. Then he realized that the password was reversed because the monitor was actually "backward." Leo says that some regions in the world read right to the left. What likely happened is that a keyboard shortcut was used (CTRL right shift), which changed the keyboard orientation. It's really easy to do and it makes the text orientation move from right to left.

So, going with CTRL left shift will move it back to "normal" (English/US region). 

The Giz Wiz and the Mini Keyboards


Episode 1794

This week's GizWiz gadgets are a pair of mini keyboards. The first is a backlit Mini Wireless Keyboard + Touchpad + Mouse with Laser Pointer by ETopBest. Plugin the 2.4 GHz computer, charge the mini keyboard and it's ready. But you'll have to turn it on, too. It also has a sleep mode to save battery, some really nice LED backlighting with a choice of colors, and even a laser pointer. The small design makes it easy to hold by hand and it is small enough to slip into a pocket. Powered by a 450 mAh Lithium-ion battery. Price as of 5/6/21 is about $24.

Why Are the Keys in My New Keyboard Sticking?

Logitech K360 Keyboard

Episode 1783

Phil from Arvada, CO

Phil plugged in a new Logitech wireless keyboard, but now he has a problem with repeating keys. Leo says it should recognize it as a standard keyboard device. It's most likely a physical defect that's causing the keyboard to be stuck in key repeat. You may want to look in the settings to turn up key repeat delay. That'll be a setting in Windows, under Keyboards. Also, check your accessibility settings to see if Sticky Keys has been turned on.

How Can I Get My Laptop Keyboard to Work Again?

Dell XPS 13

Episode 1775

Dylan from Temecula, CA

Dylan likes to play video games, and his new laptop has a broken keyboard. Leo says that sounds like a factory defect that needs to be addressed by the manufacturer. Dylan can plug a USB keyboard into it in the short term, and it will replace the keyboard on the laptop. Dylan tried that, and that's when the keyboard stopped working. Leo says that it sounds like the laptop keyboard got disabled in Windows. He recommends going into device manager (Windows Key + X, device manager). Look for the keyboards section and make sure your standard keyboard hasn't been disabled.

Why's My Keyboard Sticking?


Episode 1764

Barbara from Tarzana, CA

Barbara is having issues with her keyboard. Keys won't display or will stick and display multiple times. She replaced the keyboard on the laptop. But it didn't fix the problem. Dell says the next step is to replace the motherboard. But what happens to her software and data? Leo says that she can make an image backup of the hard drive, and then wipe the drive so that Dell can replace the motherboard. Leo says the good news is, that since it's under warranty, Barbara doesn't have to pay for it. It's the reason why Gold Service with in-house replacement is a good investment.

Choose Wired Keyboards Over Wireless Keyboards

Bluetooth Keyboards and Bluetooth mice (or is it mouses?) are notorious for disconnecting for various reasons. Whether it's the battery dying or some kind of interference nearby, the annoyances often do not justify the benefits of having cordless keyboards/mice. Leo practically insists on going for wired keyboards for greater reliability, especially for those jobs on-the-air or for action gamers who play online.

Why is My Chromebook Going Full Screen?


Episode 1650

Carl from Los Angeles, CA

Carl is having a Chromebook issue where he's typing, the tab and address bars will disappear. It goes full screen. Leo says to use the keyboard combination Alt "-" to reset it. Also check the function keys, like F11. He may strike the wrong one and boom, he's in full screen. That's likely the issue. Carl also powerwashed his Chromebook and he can't log into his network because the keyboards reset. Leo suspects that Carl may have a faulty or damaged keyboard.