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Johnny Jet ... like a rock star

Johnny Jet

Episode 1689

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about when travel will rebound and people will start traveling again. Johnny Jet says it'll be a while and when it is, there will be a ton of precautionary things. Some experts are saying it'll take three years to get back to normal travel. Rapid testing will also become part of travel, where passengers will have to pass a health test before you can board. Passing a test before you enter and exit a country will also likely be normal. Airlines will also be smaller, with fewer flights, and fares more expensive in the long term. 

Johnny Jet .... Close to home


Episode 1687

Johnny Jet has had to cancel several travel conferences lately due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Some have been postponed, but Johnny doesn't see how it's happening. There's also a lot of pressure on Las Vegas to reopen. But Johnny says that in spite of the outbreak, there's still almost as much jet travel going on over the US. But according to the TSA, 95,000 people went through security (including airport workers) vs. over 3 million every day.

Johnny Jet ... Refuse the Upgrade

Johnny Jet

Episode 1681

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about how airlines that are flying have nearly empty flights. He says though, that airlines are using first-class upgrades as an incentive and as such, it can get a bit denser up in first class. So he advises refusing the upgrade and going in the back of the plane where there are fewer passengers and you can have more distance between passengers. It also equates to more room for you.

Johnny Jet ... Shut Down

Johnny Jet

Episode 1679

Johnny Jet says that with Airlines cancelling flights and now shutting down, there are ways you can get your money back, even if you're the one cancelling the flight. Johnny Jet says do not call the airlines right now to cancel, because they are busy getting people home from overseas. Wait until the last minute, and if they cancel the flight, you can more easily get your money back. If you bought a trip with your credit card, within the last 60 days, you can get your money back according to federal law.

Johnny Jet ... To Travel or not

Johnny Jet

Episode 1677

New travel restrictions are now in place for the UK and Ireland, but they haven't gone into effect yet. Johnny Jet also says this outbreak is going to hit the travel industry hard, and some airlines or cruise lines may not make it out the other end.   Johnny says that right now is the best time to buy tickets for summer travel. Don't travel now, but by the summer, this will largely be over with. You can buy your tickets now for cheap, and even if you can't fly then, your purchase will be protected. Airlines will try really hard not to give your money back, but they may offer you credit.

Johnny Jet ... Grounded

Johnny Jet

Episode 1675

This week, Johnny Jet is "grounded." Due to the Corona Virus outbreak, he's limited himself by avoiding unnecessary travel. Johnny Jet says he would not go on a cruise ship right now, simply because you could get quarantined and if you are, your chances of getting infected go up. But if you have to travel, Johnny Jet recommends bringing antibacterial wipes to wipe down your seat, tray table, window, anything you may come in contact with. And bring along hand sanitizer and wash your hands often. You can't really be too careful.

Johnny Jet ... So Near

Johnny Jet

Episode 1671

Johnny Jet was just back from Florida, but he was supposed to be on around the world trip. He had to cancel though due to the Coronavirus outbreak. Johnny also says that cruise lines are pulling out of Asia right now for the summer. He also says that cruise lines are having to rethink buffets and dining to minimize passenger interaction with food. Johnny Jet says to always wash your hands on a cruise ship and bring along hand sanitizer. And just in case, always pack a few extra weeks of medication. Take a picture of your prescription as well. Also, bring a face mask.

Johnny Jet ... to Recline or Not to Recline

Episode 1669

The story this week of a woman who reclined in front of a man who's row was in the very back. He had no room and so he started shaking and punching her seat to get her attention and annoy her.  She has since sued him. Johnny Jet says that when the person in front of you reclines, you pretty much have to recline as well if you can. But he couldn't. To be polite, one should give notice that you're going to recline your seat. Be nice to the person behind you. But at the end of the day, the guy couldn't asked for another seat or selected a better seat when he booked.