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Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Episode 1501

Travel Deal - How to Fly L.A. to San Juan, Puerto Rico in a Lie-Flat Bed for $365 - great until May, 2019. Why is it so cheap? It's motivation to visit Puerto Rico and give their economy a shot in the arm. That's also a great way to fly to Miami using the Hidden City trick, where you buy a flight with a multiple stop, but get off at the first destination. But airlines don't like it and will ding you if you use frequent flyer miles in the process.

Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Johnny Jet

Episode 1499

Johnny Jet is calling in from Delray Beach, where you can get great deals traveling to, like $150 one way. It's a great deal for a fast summer vacation. Johnny Jet is also traveling to DC, and Hilton Hotels are testing Beam technology, which projects on the wall of your hotel room. So you may not have a TV in your room in the future. Leo also says that hotel chains are going to be putting Amazon Echo in their rooms, geared towards hospitality and room service. And they reset when you check out, so the hotel or the next guest doesn't get access to your personal data.

Is condensation in an airplane normal?

Johnny Jet on a plane

Episode 1495

Mike from Maine

Mike is a commercial pilot and he called in to talk about Johnny Jet's tweet about mist in the airplane cabin. Mike says that airplane mist happens a lot in humid climates when the cold air from the airplane's AC meets the warm air of the cabin. It's very normal, and only happens when the plane is at the gate and hooked up to an air conditioner to keep boarding passengers cool.

Johnny Jet on Travel Tech

Johnny Jet

Episode 1494

Tip of the week: You can save money traveling to Europe by flying to a secondary city. But you have to pack light or you'll get socked by extra baggage fees. You can fly into Milan, instead of Rome, and then take the train and save thousands. Go to Google Flights and put in your departure city. Then you'll get a map that shows you different destinations and prices. Kayak does it too. Also plan to leave plenty of time in between flights. Even spend the night. Another great flight is Fly 4 Free.

Johnny Jet in Studio

Episode 1487

Johnny Jet joins Leo in studio this week and his app of the week is the New York City Subway MTA Map App, a great free resource for getting around the city. It's has a countdown clock to the latest train coming, but can also help one get around the city. Leo says that the Google Maps app is also really good because it has added rapid transit information. Free on iOS and Android.