Anthony Tortoriello on Photography

Anthony Tortoriello

Episode 1405

Photographer Anthony Tortoriello joins Leo to talk about iPhone accessories that can improve your digital photography. Anthony has had some of his shots featured on the "Shot on iPhone" Apple ad campaign.

Even though it can be water resistant, it isn't a good to take the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus into the water without a legitimate underwater housing. Anthony recommends the Watershot Pro. It allows you to take advantage of the dual camera array on the back of the iPhone 7 Plus.

Dick DeBartolo, The Giz Wiz

Dick DeBartolo

Episode 1333

This week's gadget is for your mobile phone. It's called the Joby GripTight POV Kit. This small, lightweight device provides a handheld, stable locking smartphone grip. With the handle folded behind the smart phone, it's a great camera grip. With the handle folded under the smart phone, it's a steady video grip. Folded slightly open, the handle makes the POV into a handy viewing stand. The integrated Impulse Bluetooth remote attaches to the GripTight POV Kit providing a point-and-shoot shutter feature while also enabling users to capture photos and videos from afar.

Anthony Tortoriello on Photography

Episode 1268

Chris is on vacation for a few weeks, so we have photographer Anthony Tortoriello joining us today. Anthony has one of those "shot with iPhone," images on a billboard and does a lot of his iPhone photography in Hawaii. He has an underwater case for the iPhone called the WaterShot with a Dome add on. Anthony says it doesn't take a lot to get great shots. It just takes patience. Don't be in a hurry. And it helps to have a way to keep your camera stable.