Department of Homeland Security Issues Warning to Disable Java in Browsers

Episode 944

The US Department of Homeland Security has warned internet users to disable Java (not to be confused with JavaScript) in all browsers until Oracle fixes a severe security flaw. There should be an option in your browser to disable Java. Chrome users can use this how-to on how to disable it. If you want to know if you have Java installed, go to and click on "Do I have Java?"

Department of Homeland Security Advises Not Using Java

Episode 943

The Department of Homeland Defense has issued a warning to all users to disable Java in the browser. You can look in your browser's settings for "Java" and disable it there.

US Department of Homeland Security advises disabling Java following fresh zero-day vulnerability…

How can I get rid of javascript error messages?

Episode 938

Kurt from LaHabra, CA

Kurt needs to use a previous version of Internet Explorer and Windows won't let him roll back the version, but the script errors are driving him nuts. Leo says that's by design because of security issues. While Kurt needs to use it for Juno, it's only going to get worse. Leo suggests going into his options in Internet Explorer and just disable script error messages. That way it'll still debug, but it won't bother him about it.

Why can't I get scrolling to work in my browser on a certain home page?

Episode 933

Tony from Buffalo, NY

Tony is having trouble with Safari and his magic mouse scrolling on the home page. Once he gets past the home page, it's all fine. Leo says that the page is the problem. Leo even tried scrolling in their home page, and it wouldn't work for him either. Whoever created the page disabled scrolling in javascript and Leo says that's just stupid! At least it isn't Tony's fault, though.

Why can't I get the latest Java update installed?

Episode 905

James from Burbank, CA

James tried to install the Java update, but it got interrupted and now he can't finish it. He's tried everything including removing the install and starting over. Leo says try installing an older version. If he doesn't need Java though, he really should just turn it off. Even the latest version isn't secure. He also shouldn't have his browser run Java by default, so he should uncheck the "use Java" box in settings. If he runs into anything that requires Java, the browser will tell him.