What's the best video conferencing for musicians?


Episode 1702

Don from Dallas, TX

Don is trying to use both Skype and Zoom for his music rehearsals. But the latency is terrible. So he's been using another option called Jamulus. Why does that work, but Skype doesn't?  Leo says that distance is a factor, but there's also networks, bandwidth, the kind of network, network connection speeds, ISPs, switches, all contribute to latency. Jamulus is nice because it's open-source and free. But there are also commercial options like Jammr.

What Services Are Good for Holding a Virtual Choir Practice?


Episode 1683

Joe from California

Joe wants to know what would be better for doing a virtual choir practice, Jitsi or Zoom? Leo says that the real challenge is latency, the delay between all the connections. Regular video conferencing doesn't work for rehearsals. They don't' prioritize for latency. Leo says there are some music-centric services like Jammr.  

How Can I Rehearse Online With My Band?


Episode 1681

Marshall from San Diego, CA

Marshall is in an orchestra and they can't rehearse right now. How can they use the internet to create an online rehearsal? Leo says the main challenge now is having a low latency conferencing setup. Turn off video. Don't use WiFi. Be wired when you use it. Leo says that iOS has lower latency than Android does. So you could try Facetime. It's doable. Another program to try is Jammr. It's designed for playing music online. There's also JamKazam. Both have free trials.