iTunes Match

What happened to all my music with Apple Music?

Apple Music

Episode 1208

Ellie from Honolulu, HI

Ellie says that Apple Music has screwed up her phone. Leo says that the problem lies with having iTunes Match. What that means is that her phone isn't setup with iCloud Drive, so her phone just doesn't see the files. It hasn't been deleted, it's still in the cloud. iCloud Music Library and Apple Music must be turned on. Otherwise, it will only see the puchased content.

Why am I having sync issues with iTunes?


Episode 1168

Darren from San Diego, CA

Darren has a brand new iPhone 6 and he's having trouble syncing his music to it from his MacBook Pro. He's missing several hundred songs and it keeps looking to sync, wearing down the battery. Doctor Mom says that if he has a music file that he's made himself, it could be blocking the sync. There's also two different bugs that can delay the sync. Here's a MacRumors link on them - If there's a bad track, it will cause it.

What's the best way to backup my music?

Episode 1008

Alan from Baton Rouge, LA

Alan has over 100GB of music in his iTunes library. He's at the point where he's about to run out of space. Leo says first thing Alan should do is get iTunes Match. For $25 it'll let Alan upgrade his songs to the best possible quality. Once he's run iTunes Match, he should delete all the tracks that have successfully matched from his computer. Then, redownload the matched music.

How can I sync my iPhone without having to upgrade my entire operating system?

Episode 975

Scott from Yucaipa, CA

Scott just got a new iPhone 5 and found out he can't use it without iTunes 11 -- he would have to update his OS as well! Leo says that's true, but Apple handles sync over the air now, so he doesn't really have to sync directly. He can use iCloud and iTunes Match, if he's a subscriber of it, to sync his music. He can also sync via Google Services.

How can I keep iTunes for Windows from crashing?

Episode 950

Rob from Tarzana, CA

Rob has an issue with iTunes for Windows. He's got iTunes Match turned on and iTunes crashes. When he disables it, everything is fine. Leo says that iTunes for Windows has never worked right. Apple just can't get it working reliably on iTunes. Leo says that there are some things to try. Uninstall both iTunes and Quicktime and reboot. Then reinstall them separately - with Quicktime first. Then install iTunes. It's been Leo's experience that cures a lot of what ails iTunes for Windows.

How can I get my music from iTunes so I can keep it? (Part 2)

Episode 948

Adam from Putnam Valley, NY

Leo says to get iTunes Match for a year and replace all his music with 256kb AAC unprotected music. Then, he can do anything he wants with it. Unfortunately, with digital music, he doesn't actually own those files -- he's merely leasing it for his lifetime. They're licensed to him and him only. Since they are unprotected files, though, he could give them to someone else, but they will have his email address in it since they are licensed to him.