How can I set up a PA system with music and timed announcements through the day?

Episode 987

David from Kansas City, MO

David works for a zoo and wants to set up music that would play through the PA with announcements that would be timed throughout the day. He wants it to be automted. Leo says it's an easy thing to do. An iPod Touch or a Google Nexus 7 with an Alarm app could do it. Most alarm apps will allow him to create music playlists.

My car has an iPod dock, but is there another way I can connect my Samsung phone?

Belkin Bluetooth Car Kit

Episode 960

Dave from Tustin, CA

Leo says if the head unit in the car has bluetooth, that would be the easiest way. Dave says his car does not have bluetooth, though.

Another possibility is to connect the phone via USB instead. Or he could try getting an adapter, like this one from Belkin, to go from the iPod 30 pin connector to USB.