iPod Touch

Could I text with an iPod?

Episode 980

Pamela from Studio City, CA

Pamela has a flip phone and her dad has an iPhone 4S. She tries to text, but it doesn't work right. Texts come out in gibberish. Leo says it's odd that the flipphone is messed up because SMS is good on all platforms. So that doesn't make any sense. Pam can use the iPod Touch if she has Wi-Fi access to do it. It only will work through Apple's iMessage, also. Pam can get other apps like What'sApp, Google Chat, or Skype, which all would handle messaging.

How can I get my iPod Touch to start playing podcasts where they left off?

Media Kind in iTunes

Episode 960

Bob from Florence, AZ

Bob has an iPod Touch connected to Ford Sync via USB. When he stops the car, he loses his place in the podcast he's listening to. Leo says iTunes and the iPod is set up so that if it stops in the middle of a song, it would start over, but if it's an audiobook or podcast, it would start where it left off. It does this based on hidden data in the file to tell the iPod what type of file it is.