How can I organize scanned photos?

Episode 1084

Bernie from Colorado

Bernie is scanning slides into his computer and wants to organize them in groups. Leo says that the best way is to create an album first. Then scan them into that album. Picasa will let him do that, as will iPhoto. He can rename all the files, but that's a bit complicated. Picasa does have a batch file name utility, then he could sort by that. For iPhoto, he can create an album that will allow it to stay in order. Then he can reorder them within that album.

What software should I use with my camera?

Episode 956

Taryn from Los Alamitos, CA

Taryn has a Canon camera and it's software requires OS 10.6, and she has OS 10.4. Leo says that there's no need to use the Canon software. It's terrible and unnecessary. In fact, since Taryn is on the Mac, iPhoto will work just fine. Should she upgrade OS X? Leo says that the nice thing about OS X is that it's cheap to upgrade. The downside is that older hardware may not support the latest (Mountain Lion). Taryn's MacBook can go up to OS 10.6, though, but there's no real need to rush to upgrade since she'll get the latest OS when she upgrades to a new Mac.

Why won't iPhoto burn to DVD?

Episode 910

Sandy from California

Whenever Sandy tries burning photos to DVD in iPhoto, she just gets error messages. She even had her Superdrive replaced, and still has the issue.

She should try to burn something other than photos to see if it will burn. If it does, then the issue is her iPhoto library.

Next, she should rebuild her iPhoto library from scratch:

  1. In the "Pictures" folder, Control + Click on "iPhoto Library"

  2. Select "Show Package Contents"

  3. Copy the "Masters" folder

How do I transfer videos from my iPhone to my new iPad?

Episode 874

Darlene from Long Beach, CA

The fastest way to do this is with the Apple Camera Connection Kit which Apple sells for $30. It's a connector that plugs into the iPad. It comes with two adapters -- one with a USB port, and another with an SD card reader. Darlene will be using the USB adapter, and will plug the iPhone 4's cable into that. The camera connection kit can be used for connecting other devices as well, so it is a handy thing to have.