How can I stop my daughter from losing her iPhone?

Episode 1041

Mark from Phoenix, AZ

Mark wants to know how he can keep his daughter from losing her iPhone. It either gets lost, broken or stolen and it's breaking him. Leo says that there is the Zomm leash, which sounds an alarm when she would walk away from her phone. It works, but if the phone is stolen, the last thing he'll want is for her to chase after the person who stole it. That's where Find my iPhone comes in handy. She would just call the police and let them know where it is.

Why does my iPhone die with battery life left?

Episode 1036

Rafael from Oporto, Portugal

Rafael's phone dies while he still has battery life remaining. Leo says that the phone guesses how much battery life remains and often it's an inaccurate guess. So it should be taken with a grain of salt. It may have just crashed, though. Leo says to charge the phone all the way up and then run it down until it shuts down. Do this several times and he will essentially "teach" his phone how long its battery life is.

It may also be a defective phone. Leo advises documenting his experience with it, and taking it to the Apple Store.

Is banking online safe with the iPhone?

Episode 1033

Waxman from California

Waxman sometimes logs into his bank with his iPhone and is concerned about malware. Apple must approve all apps in the app store, so there aren't viruses to warrant needing an antivirus program. The apps are also segregated with no data sharing between them. So it's a pretty closed system. Android, by contrast, allows for the sale of antivirus apps because it's pretty wide open. The bigger issue is the wireless networking that he's using. But the bank data is encrypted, so there's no real issue.

Why am I only getting 3 hours of battery life on my iPhone 4S?

Episode 977

Damian from California

Damian is 10 and has an iPhone 4S, but the battery dies in about 3 hours. Leo says that's largely because Damian plays with it a lot. He also noticed that the phone crashes after overheating. Could there be something wrong with it? Leo says there probably is. He advises taking it to the Apple Store. They'll replace it if it's still under warranty. To preserve the battery life, he should turn down the brightness, turn off bluetooth, and check email manually.

As a first time smartphone user, should I get iPhone or Android?

Episode 975

Carol from LaVerne, CA

Carol's family has iPhones, but she's wondering whether she should get the iPhone or the phone Leo got for his Mom, the Samsung Galaxy Note. Leo says that since most of the family uses iPhones, then Carol should get an iPhone. That'll make it easier for her kids to support it. It's also an easier phone to introduce people to the whole smartphone universe. The iPhone also has really good accessibility settings such as making the font bigger one some apps, email and messages.

Streaming music on Android

Greg from Truckee, CA

Greg is looking to get a Samsung Galaxy Note Android phone and stream through his Airport Express, but he’s having trouble. Leo says you can’t do it. It isn’t compatible. He uses a SONOS system to bypass that and it allows him to use any device to listen to music off his Android phone. The other option is just to use his MAC to stream. Or his other iPhone.