iPhone cables

Why Won't My iPhone Charge in the Car?

 USB-C to Lightning cable.

Episode 1640

Ann from Long Beach, California

Ann complains that her iPhone won't charge in her car anymore. She gets a message saying "accessory not supported." Rich suspects that the port in her mobile device could be a bit dirty and blowing it out could help improve the connection. But it could also be time to get a new cable. They do stop working after a while and that message usually indicates a degrading connection. For the fastest, go with a USB-C to Lightning cable.

Why does my iPhone say an Apple charging cable isn't supported?

Episode 1228

Tom from San Dimas, CA

When Tom plugs his iPhone into an Apple charging cable, he gets an error message that says "this accessory is not supported." Leo says that the cable may be on the verge of breaking, and as such, the iPhone is showing the error message. It could also be a buildup of pocket lint that is causing the connection to be occluded. Chances are, however, that he just needs a new cable.

Tom should check out this thread on the Apple forums about this issue.