iPhone 5

How can I unlock the Sprint iPhone 5?

Episode 938

Pronav from New York, NY

Pronav bought an iPhone 5 on Sprint, but hears that Verizon iPhone’s comes unlocked. Would the Sprint iPhone 5 be unlocked as well, since it’s the same phone? Leo says no. Verizon chose on their own to unlock the iPhones that come through them. Leo believes that going forward, this will likely become the norm though. Will he be able to use his Sprint phone on another service when his contract is over? An eager rep at Verizon may be able to do it by unlocking it with software.

T-Mobile Eliminates Phone Subsidies


Episode 934

This week, T-Mobile not only announced that they're finally getting the iPhone, but that they would be eliminating phone subsidies, two year contracts and early termination fees. They will offer "financing" for phones, which makes Leo wonder what the difference is. They are also going to lower the cost of their monthly plans. An interesting move as T-Mobile tries to leach more customers from the big two.

Why do I have to pay the full retail price tax for iPhone 5 even if I'm getting it subsidized through the carrier?

Episode 919

Lauren from Los Angeles, CA

Leo says that's because states want the full tax since she's really buying the phone at full price, just amortized over time. Every state law is different, too. Leo says there used to be a way around this with Amazon, but they're collecting sales tax now.