iPhone 4S

Should I upgrade my iPhone 4S to iOS 9?

Episode 1285

Vaughn from Burbank, CA

Vaughn has an older iPhone 4S, and is wondering if he should upgrade that to iOS 9. He had some issues upgrading from iOS 7 to 8, though. Leo says that Apple won't allow an update to even go through if it isn't going to work on the device. However, he still may run into some issues. His phone may be too small, with only 8GB of storage. It may slow some things down too.

Vaughn can read more about the risks of upgrading at Gizmodo.com

How can I get email back on my iPhone 4s after an update?

Episode 1204

John from Los Angeles, CA

John upgraded his iPhone 4S to iOS 8.4 and now his email won't work. Leo says that the iPhone 4S is pretty long in the tooth these days, but since Apple is still offering it, they have to support it. This is why it's wise to be slow in upgrading older devices. But it should work since it installed.

Leo recommends backing up to iTunes completely, and then reset it. Others in the chatroom say they've had no issues with the iOS 8.4 update. So wiping the phone and starting over is a good way to fix the issues. Once John does that, he can restore his backup.

Should I get an iPhone 4S for $0.99 at Verizon?

Apple iPhone 4S

Episode 1116

Max from West LA, CA

Max had a Blackberry Curve with Verizon and it just died. He can get the iPhone 4S for .99, and is wondering if that would be a good deal. Leo says they should give him .99 for the iPhone 4S! It's fine for what Max is doing, but it's three generations behind, and will be the last model that he can install the most recent OS on. Max will be able to install iOS 8, but it will be really slow. If he doesn't care, then sure, it'll work. Leo also says that within days, he's likely to see a similar deal for iPhone 5.

As a first time smartphone user, should I get iPhone or Android?

Episode 975

Carol from LaVerne, CA

Carol's family has iPhones, but she's wondering whether she should get the iPhone or the phone Leo got for his Mom, the Samsung Galaxy Note. Leo says that since most of the family uses iPhones, then Carol should get an iPhone. That'll make it easier for her kids to support it. It's also an easier phone to introduce people to the whole smartphone universe. The iPhone also has really good accessibility settings such as making the font bigger one some apps, email and messages.

What simple smartphone would you recommend as an upgrade from a feature phone?

iPhone vs Galaxy S III

Episode 892

Sandy from Huntington Beach, CA

Generally, for most people, the iPhone is the right choice. Sandy was at a Verizon store, and they recommended she get a Lucid by LG. Leo says not to get that. It's a junky Android smartphone, and if she's going to get Android, she should look at the Samsung Galaxy S III or the HTC One.