iPhone 4

Why is video always buffering on my iPhone 4?

Episode 1214

Joe from Florida

Joe is frustrated because video is constantly buffering on his phone. Leo says it could be the phone. Older hardware has to work harder to play hi-res video. But more likely, it's Joe's carrier, which can have limited bandwidth. Since Joe is using Sprint, they've been late in coming to the LTE party, and it may be that LTE isn't available in Joe's area. An older phone, like an iPhone 4, won't even support LTE. A new phone will help, but Joe should make sure LTE is supported in his area.

How can I move my old cell phone to a new carrier?

Apple iPhone 6

Episode 1188

Kris from Merced, CA

Kris would like to move her iPhone 4 from AT&T to Verizon. Leo says she can't. The phones are the same model, but the iPhone 4 on AT&T has a GSM radio, and the Verizon model uses CDMA. She could get it unlocked and use it on T-Mobile, though. But to go from AT&T to Verizon, she'll need an iPhone 5 or above. In fact, if she can go to Verizon and say she wants to leave AT&T. Verizon actually sells an unlocked iPhone due to a consent decree with the federal government. And then she could use it on any carrier.

Why has my AT&T reception been decreasing over the past couple months?

Episode 903

Alex from Mission Viejo, CA

Alex uses an iPhone 4 on AT&T and over the past couple of months, his reception has gotten so bad it doesn't work where he lives anymore. AT&T sold him a MicroCell to boost his signal but that doesn't help him when he leaves his house. Leo suggests asking people in his area what they use for their carrier, and maybe he could switch to something else.