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Leo Decides Not Worth Upgrading to the iPhone 13

Episode 1831

Leo says that the upgrades in the iPhone 13 are so incremental, that it's probably not worth upgrading to, even if you have an iPhone 11. Sure, there's better battery life, and about 10% more performance, and the camera now has cinematic mode. But is that worth paying over $1000 for a new phone when you have one that's perfectly good? Leo doesn't think so. Unless you have an old iPhone, like an iPhone 6, then it's high time to upgrade. But moving from 12-13? Save your money.

Apple's iPhone 13 Has Longer Battery Life, But ...


Episode 1829

Apple's new iPhone 13 is faster, has better graphics, an improved camera with macro, and even better battery life. But Leo says that while it's a great phone, should you rush out and buy one? Well, if you have an iPhone 12, it's not really necessary to buy one. But if you want all-day battery life and are ready to upgrade, then it's a good one to get.

Meanwhile, a new Apple Watch Series 7 was also announced with about 40% more screen real estate. But it has the same processor as the Series 6. When do you get it? No one knows.

Wait for the iPhone 13 Reveal Before Purchasing a New iPhone!

If you are itching to get an iPhone, you may want to wait just a bit for Apple to announce and/or show off their iPhone 13. There will probably be minor improvements, but exactly which enhancements are uncertain. Even if you don't want the newest model, prices will drop on the iPhone 12 versions. The reveal will likely occur on the 8th or 14th of September 2021, so keep an eye out for rumors from Mark Gurman and other Apple-related sources.

What Phone Should I Upgrade To?

iPhone 12

Episode 1820

Charmaine from Los Angeles, CA

Charmaine wants to get a new iPhone to replace her iPhone 6. Should she buy one now? Leo says that the iPhone 13 should be announced in about three weeks. Either September 8th or 4th. Preorders will likely be the Friday after the announcement, for delivery about a week later. But it's unclear what availability will be due to the chip shortage. So if you want to get a new phone now, there's plenty of iPhone 12s to be had, and you'll be very happy with the results. The iPhone 13 won't be that big of an update.

Should I Buy a New iPhone 12 Now? Or Wait for the 13?

iPhone 12

Episode 1819

Neil from Chandler, AZ

Neil recently switched to T-Mobile and wants to know if he should buy a new iPhone now or wait for the iPhone 13? Leo says that the iPhone 13 will be announced in September and it will probably make the iPhone 12 cheaper.  The 13 will likely be a little faster, with a better camera. But no real changes. It's silly to buy one now with the announcement so close. So if he can wait until it's announced, he'll be better off. Follow Mark Gurman at Bloomberg. He's pretty wired into the rumor mill and gets pretty good intel.