How Can I Get Rid of Network Connections on My iPhone?

WiFi Settings

Episode 1828

Cindy from Valdosta, GA

Cindy is having issues with her phone. She keeps getting connections to old networks, which causes her internet access to drop out. Leo says you can forget those old network connections from time to time.  Click on the "i" button to the right of the network and select the forget option. That should remove those from your "my networks" section and prevent the phone from connecting to them. Here's an Apple tech note about it. Since Cindy is dealing with a divorce, it may be a good idea just to reset the phone completely.

Should I Buy an iPhone XR?

iPhone XR

Episode 1828

Jenn from Tri-Cities, WA

Jenn is looking at either the iPhone XR or the iPhone 11. Leo suggests waiting until after Tuesday when Apple announces the new iPhone. They'll likely reduce the cost of phones down the line as well. Leo says the iPhone XR will only be supported until 2023/24, a five-year window. So you're better off going with the iPhone 11. Then again, it's twice as much. The XR is almost as good, actually. But if the iPhone 11 goes down to around $400 after Tuesday, that could make the difference.  And take a look at the iPhone SE.

What's the Most Waterproof Smartphone?

Samsung S20

Episode 1824

Lauren from La Mesa, CA

Lauren wants to know what is the most waterproof phone on the market. Leo says that IP ratings measure the water resistance of a device. The iPhone has an IP rating of 68, which means it can be waterproof in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. But the charging port can still be a place where water can get in. That also doesn't include saltwater. The rating is really more for splashes of water. Samsung's Galaxy Phones are also rated at IP68.

What Phone Should I Upgrade To?

iPhone 12

Episode 1820

Charmaine from Los Angeles, CA

Charmaine wants to get a new iPhone to replace her iPhone 6. Should she buy one now? Leo says that the iPhone 13 should be announced in about three weeks. Either September 8th or 4th. Preorders will likely be the Friday after the announcement, for delivery about a week later. But it's unclear what availability will be due to the chip shortage. So if you want to get a new phone now, there's plenty of iPhone 12s to be had, and you'll be very happy with the results. The iPhone 13 won't be that big of an update.

Should I Buy a New iPhone 12 Now? Or Wait for the 13?

iPhone 12

Episode 1819

Neil from Chandler, AZ

Neil recently switched to T-Mobile and wants to know if he should buy a new iPhone now or wait for the iPhone 13? Leo says that the iPhone 13 will be announced in September and it will probably make the iPhone 12 cheaper.  The 13 will likely be a little faster, with a better camera. But no real changes. It's silly to buy one now with the announcement so close. So if he can wait until it's announced, he'll be better off. Follow Mark Gurman at Bloomberg. He's pretty wired into the rumor mill and gets pretty good intel.

Apple Partners with Missing and Exploited Child Network to Scan Photos


Episode 1818

With the coming iOS15.0 update, Apple is going to be scanning your photos to look for missing and exploited child activity. Teaming up with the National Center of Missing and Exploited Children, the company will be scanning user photos on the iPhone and iCloud Photos and creating "fingerprints" that can be compared with known child porn images in a database kept by NCMEC. Leo has mixed emotions about it because while it's a good thing that Apple can offer a tool to protect and rescue kids from child porn.