iPad mini

Apple Launches new iPad Mini, Macbook Pro, iMac and Mac Mini

Episode 921

Apple's second event of the fall happened this past Tuesday and they announced two new iPads. We all knew the 7.9" iPad Mini for $329 was coming, but nobody expected the New iPad to be replaced with a 4th generation iPad as well! The newest iPad is faster, with the same A6X processor as the iPhone 5. It also has the 9pin Lightning connector and 4G/LTE access.

Invitations Have Been Sent Out for Apple's Next Announcement

Episode 919

In what has become the best kept secret that everyone knows, Apple has sent invitations for "a little more to show you." The "little" being the operative word that points strongly to the announcement of the iPad mini coming. 7.85" screen. iPad 2 specs. iOS 6 and Siri, more likely. Other than that, we're filling in the blanks. And the new Lightning connector. We're also expecting a new iMac, Mac Mini, and 13" Macbook Pro Retina. No retina for the iMac, though. Too big. Price points will probably be the same.

Which lower cost tablet would you recommend?

Episode 917

Jerry from Lancaster, CA

Jerry is looking to get a tablet and thinks that the iPad is a bit pricey. Leo says it is, but it's a great tablet. The iPad is definitely the champaign of tablets. It's got more memory, better performance, and a huge store of useful applications. Apple may even be announcing a less expensive 'iPad Mini' later this month, which will likely be a 7.85 inch tablet for around $200 to $300.

Wasn't the iPad Mini supposed to come out Wednesday?

Episode 910

Johnny from Mountain View, CA

Johnny heard from Kim Kommando that the iPad Mini was going to be announced on Wednesday, but it wasn't. Leo says that Kommando isn't that knowledgable when it comes to products that are about to break. The truth is, Apple doesn't say anything about what's coming up. The conventional wisdom, however, is that Apple will announce it in October. It will likely be 7.85 inches, and have the same specs as the iPad 2.